Which cms to choose? Joomla, Drupal or else?

joomla drupal or else?

Which cms to choose? quite difficult isn’t it? well its not, i will try to explain you pros and cons of different popular cms which will hopefully help you in choosing one.

Joomla is one of the most popular cms today. Thousands of useful extensions plus hundreds of beautiful themes are what make it different from others cms (content management systems). Its generally used by novice users (non-technical people) because of its ease of use and its flexibility.

Drupal is another, one of the famous cms which is getting more and more popularity day by day and it even beats Joomla in Packt Publishing Awards 2007 as well as 2008 under Best Open Source CMS Award Category. Its generally considered for creating large websites or websites with complex requirements. What actually makes it hot? well answer is simple, its 2 most famous modules which includes CCK (Content Construction Kit) and Views. These modules add great flexibility to drupal. But drupal its not as easy to use or you can say its not user friendly. But if you are a pro than it wont take much time to learn drupal.

What if you are total noob and you dont like both or you just want plain cms with minimum features?

Frog CMS
Yes Frog CMS is the answer! Never heard of it? Well you have actually missed it. So if you are a total noob or you just want a simple cms for managing pages etc than Frog CMS is for you. Just have a look at it and see how easy is to use it. As their site says “its fast, its simple and it works!” and its true because its extremely light weight so you wont get into problems like “PHP Allowed Memory Size Exhausted” which you get frequently with above two cms.

Moral of story: Actually its all depends on you and your requirements. Their are many other cms out there but choose one which suites your requirement!

I tried to be as easy as possible so i hope i have cleared some points here.
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5 thoughts on “Which cms to choose? Joomla, Drupal or else?

  1. I had one encounter with Drupal on a relatively small portal in Croatia. My experience can be summarized as a nightmare. I encountered such monstrosities as hard coded menus and CSS styles, cache control being buried 5 levels in the menu structure, not being able to figure out how to add content to a page (how simpler does it get?). All in all, the design and idea behind the system just does not resonate with me. I was biased towards TYPO3 to begin with so take that into the account. But still I do not hold Drupal to much of a product. I will probably be forced to keep working with it so I might actually end up learning it properly. But right now, it’s really nightmarish.

  2. At first i had same feelings like you have now as its really hard to understand drupal but once you get hold of its basics and its major modules than i bet you you will love it!

    I hope upcoming drupal 7 will be much more user friendly than current stable drupal 6. I have not tested any beta versions of drupal 7 so if someone has already tested it than please share your experience with us. Thanks!

  3. If you’re impressed with Frog, you might be blown away by Eden Platform. We invented Eden Platform because we found no SaaS model systems that had significant SEO functionality for novice users. Though not widely known, Preation is responsible for inventing iContact back in 2003. Now we’re trying to provide small businesses with a SaaS model CMS that not only easy to use, but can actually drive web traffic.

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